Human Connection Is the Key to Success

Hello Mentor is on a mission to shift the norms around the way people discover a sense of belonging in work spaces.

The Values We Live By
Sharing is caring
Growing together is better

Our Matchmaking

Hello Mentor’s matchmaking process is based on 6 scientifically-proven themes that establishes the most successful mentorship.

Skill Development

Do you want to develop the skills that are needed for your future career?

Study and Work Exploration

Explore your study options and see what opportunities are in line with your experience.

Professional Development

Do you want to develop professional skills like mastering job interviews to land your dream job?

Career Managment

Do you know where you want to go and need some help in finding the right route?

Motives Reflection

Do you have a hard time figuring out what you like and what motivates you?


Meet new people and develop a network of peers and experienced professionals that paves the way into the labour market.

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Our true superpower is the untapped talent who trust us to go on their journey of discovery with them. We go the distance for them.


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Connections made

Investing in Early Talent

Hello Mentor can offer free mentorships through successful connections with partnering companies.
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Meet the Team

We’re a dedicated group of engineers. entrepreneurs, creatives, and more who’ve been in your shoes.

Quincy Dalh, founder of Hello Mentor, has nearly 15 years of experience in HR/People Tech working as a former recruiter / career services officer and has contributed to notable projects with TNO, TU Delft and Erasmus University, to name a few.



Quincy Dalh




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