Kickoff event mentoring program in Brainport

Pilot with Hello Mentor launched successfully

Discover interesting details about the kick-off of our program in collaboration with Brainport Eindhoven: it was a great networking moment for all the mentees (the students) and mentors (the professionals from participating companies) participating in the project! Read the full article from Avans University here. Avans University notes in the article “as an ambitious, recent…

Our mentorship program in Brainport

Check out this article from Avans University about our mentorship program in the Brainport region, organized with Brainport Development and aimed at retaining skilled international students within the area, providing them with the right set of tools via the program. Avans University is one of the four universities of the Brainport region that believes in…

The Kick-Off Event

Check out the details of the great kick-off event of the Hello Mentor x Brainport Eindhoven mentorship program!Mentors from participating companies (ASML, Itility, Sendcloud, Itility, Fourtress and Taktify) gathered with their mentees to have a great networking moment together and kick off the mentorship program while enjoying a cheerful moment at the Eindhoven Light Festival!…

Hello Mentor & Asif Team

Asif Ventures’ Investment in Hello Mentor

With Hello Mentor, companies and universities can manage their institutions and invite employees or students to the platform. Once onboarded, Hello Mentor leverages its matchmaking capabilities to match mentors to mentees based on interests, skills, and learning goals. Check out the details of Asif Ventures’ investment in Hello Mentor in this article!