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Develop rapid curiosity

Your No. 1 job should be to develop your ability to learn and change.

The job of your future may not even exist today, and the pace of change is only accelerating. We cannot predict what skills will be needed years down the road. So, invest in your ability to nurture your creativity & curiosity, and learn new things to adapt to change. Change is the one constant, and it is up to you to develop your rapid curiosity!

We believe that you can find curiosity from within the topic that actually fits your interests and desires. Sometimes that still needs a little hand, so we have summed up 4 ways of boosting your curiosity:

  • Do not be biased: an open-minded attitude might be the most relevant aspect.
  • Keep questioning: Without a mind of one’s own, you will not be any different from the ones who came before you. But,the one who asks questions will receive answers, which will create fertile ground for new ideas.
  • Be enthusiastic: spike your enthusiasm by associating fun and joy with tasks you have (or want) to perform rather than complain about them.
  • Avoid boredom: By being bored, you steadily decrease your curiosity until it reaches its anticlimax. Avoid your biggest wastes of time, such as hours of scrolling through social media. Use this time to wander through old stuff you have, pick up that one book that has been lying around for weeks, or hop on your bike and ride a new route. New activities lead to more creativity, new perspectives, and more curiosity!

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