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We support your company attract, develop and retain IT talent directly from leading universities via mentoring.

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Leadership program

The Hello Mentor Leadership program helps your employees develop the right set of skills. By following advanced leadership training and by mentoring motivated students, your employees are ready to become the leaders of today. 

For all your employees.

Fellowship program

In this 6-month Fellowship program, we provide your company with the talent you need. Choose amongst a pool of students from top leading universities. Train their technical and soft skills while they grow in your company.

For new hires you need.


We match your junior employees with experienced mentors to accelerate their onboarding. Relieve your hardworking staff through our 4-months program.

For your juniors.

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We actively invest in attracting and developing talent for your company, to become your:

Web developer
Data scientist
Cybersecurity Specialist
Software Developer
Product Owner
AI Talent
Computer System Analyst

…and much more!

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Mentees rate our program 8.5 / 10

Mentors rate our program 8.4 / 10

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