Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up?

Easy, just follow this button and start journey!

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Is Hello Mentor free?

Yes! It’s free to join Hello Mentor as a mentee or mentor. No hidden fees, secret subscriptions or other shenanigans. Free, because opportunities and connections should be available to everybody.

How can Hello Mentor offer free mentorships?

Hello Mentor can offer free mentorships through successful connections with partnering companies.


How did Hello Mentor start?

That’s a great story that only our founder Quincy can tell: check out his video!

I’d like to refer someone as a mentor! How do I do that?

Amazing! Just send them a link and they’ll be able to join.

I have a great idea to improve Hello Mentor, how can I reach you guys?

Awesome, we’d love to hear more! Send us a message through program@hellomentor.nl and tell us all about it.


How does the AI matchmaking work?

After you’ve created and finalized your profile our AI matchmaker will work its magic to find you potential mentors.  We recommend reviewing your matches as soon as they’re ready for you. You get to select potential mentors and after your initial selection, the mentor(s) has to respond back to you.

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How can I reach you guys?

Easy, just send a message to program@hellomentor.nl or fill in the contact form.

Looking for more answers?

Check out our other FAQ pages. We hope one is perfect for you!