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Hello Mentor x Brainport Mentorship Graduation Event

Hooray, the mentors and mentees from our first pilot mentoring program with Brainport Development have graduated! They came together on Monday, February 21st to reflect and network at their official graduation party.

Time flies when you are having fun! Over the last four months, sixteen professionals and seventeen students worked on common goals and grew not only professionally but also personally. At the start of the program, each mentee matched with professionals from companies like ASML, Fourtress, Sendcloud, Taktify, and Itility and embarked on a four-month-long journey.

From advice-packed one-on-one meetings to a thrilling online escape-room activity and webinars focused on the mentors’ rise to success, the mentees were able to develop their skills, get help with their doubts on how to approach the Dutch job market, network, and find their own career paths

Simultaneously, the professionals were given the possibility to make a difference in the development of young minds and tools to develop their own coaching and leadership skills. Best of all, they created long-lasting bonds with young tech talent and even hired some of them.

So much more than a mentoring program

The first pilot project exceeded all expectations! We think that the best way to showcase the results of the mid-way participants’ feedback. The program received an 8.3/10 rating as well as glowing testimonials!

“For Itility, the first edition of the Hello Mentor program here in the Brainport region was a success. And we will surely keep providing mentors for following mentorships!”.

Martijn Sanders, Recruitment Consultant at Itility

Martijn Sanders is a Recruitment Consultant at Itility, and he developed a great relationship with his mentee Raphaela over the course of the program. Together with a colleague and fellow mentor, Max Heezemans, they hired one mentee and made an offer to a second for Itility

He generously laid out the value the mentorship has given him regarding individual fulfillment, career reflection, coaching skills, and recruitment success. From the joys of helping people, the appreciation for his own personal growth and career journey, the development of coaching skills crucial for management and collaboration, to gaining at least one new colleague through mentoring; Martijn has truly made the most of becoming a mentor!

“It was great to see that this is another opportunity to present us with our talents and raise awareness of the possibilities at ASML – as well as meet my colleagues”.

Remco van der Weel, Project Lead at ASML

A valuable experience worth repeating

Remco van der Weel, Project Lead at ASML, candidly shared his experience as a mentor. He even showed interest in joining the program again in the future! “The Brainport x Hello Mentor program has been very dear to me. It has been a great opportunity to connect better with the Brainport community and its new generation of students. It is nice to see what drives people, how they look at their new situation, and what they like to contribute. The physical sessions at the Brainport location were very useful, a non-miss for me”. 

Joao's and Ka Wai's meme which won the contest. In the upper part it depicts a guy trying to hold a baloon saying "things I want to achieve", while in the lower one the guy is hold back by a character called "time limit" - meaning that time is not enough to cover all things you could do during a mentorship.
The winner of the “Best Meme of the Mentorship” contest!

“Thanks for organizing the mentorship program with Brainport. It was super valuable to participate. I would love to join again as a mentor in a future iteration.”

João Nadas, Backend Developer at Dexterenergy

João Nadas is a backend developer at Dexterenergy (previously product owner at Sendcloud). Together with his mentee Ka Wai Ko, he won the ‘best meme of the mentorship’ at the graduation event. It is safe to say that the mentorship was an overall success for them too!

A mentorship packed with memories and fun 

The pilot project went beyond our expectations when seeing the participants’ vivid memories and lasting impressions of mentorship. Take a look at all the memes describing the individual mentorships that we collected at the graduation event! ?

Soon, the aftermovie of the Graduation Event with the words of its participants will be published online. Therefore, keep an eye on our and Brainport Development’s social media for it!

On a final note, we want to say thank you to all of the participants of the program. We’re glad to have had the opportunity to work with such enthusiastic people and to help them develop in the best way. But don’t worry – there will soon be the possibility to welcome you back to one of our next programs and create other, new indissoluble memories!

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