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Is mentorship for you?

One of the mentors in our programme recently said that mentorship is a game changer. That is a big statement for a learning process that usually takes place outside of the 40-hour workweek and crosses from professional into personal development. Might this be a game changer for you too?

Mentorship is not only for mentees.

In a well-matched mentorship, it goes without saying that the mentee can greatly benefit from the knowledge, expertise, and experience of their mentor. The most substantial value that our student community sees is in the area of professional development. All aspects that fall in the category of soft skills and interpersonal skills in the labour market are invaluable to the ‘starter’ experience.

Learning who to approach to expand your network, researching up-and-coming trends in your field, knowing where to find the fastest-growing companies, turning your CV into an HR representative’s dream, or figuring out how to combine your passions with an exciting career. The list of knowledge there is to gain for mentees is endless.

But what about mentors?

Mentorship allows professionals to develop their leadership style one on one. Really listening to what a student needs and helping them set up and achieve goals sets you apart from the crowd. Who else in your company or team takes the initiative to zero in on perfecting their leadership style?

On the other hand, a mentorship provides mentors with a framework to give back. I am sure you were nodding to yourself reading the list above, wishing you had had a mentor at the onset of your professional journey to guide you or advise you on how to approach landing that first job.

From our first pilot program with Brainport Development in North Brabant, mentors have been passionately sharing their personal approaches to guide their mentees.

Self-confidence, goal-setting, personal awareness, networking, and setting up a career plan are just some of the focal points.

What is especially great to see is that with Hello Mentor’s guidance, mentors still get free rein on how they develop their own mentorship style and leadership skills. How wonderful to know that professionals are empowered to their own career development within the mentorship?

Now you can judge for yourself: Is mentorship for you?

Sign up now to become a mentor in our second pilot program if you or your company is based in North Brabant. Join a great initiative with mentors from companies like ASML, SendCloud, Fourtress, Itility, and Taktify!

Is your company outside the region? No worries. Sign up for our nationwide program with a cohort of ambitious students paired with professionals like you starting every month!

Hello Mentor and Brainport Development Kickoff Event
Mentor and mentees gathering during our kickoff event with Brainport Development

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