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Know your mentee – Jelle van Lieshout

We are thrilled to introduce our community to one of our promising mentees, Jelle van Lieshout! ?

Jelle is a 4th year BSc student in Computer Science & Engineering at TU Delft, and full-time member of the YES!Delft Students Board 2020-2021!

His experience and background are really stunning: over the past years, Jelle managed to make his transition from a “lone” software developer for different employers to co-founding a tech startup, and eventually starting his own business. What an achievement, Jelle! ?

At Hello Mentor, he recently found a match with our inspiring mentor Rehan Syed. In Jelle’s own words, “Hello Mentor allows me to get in touch with professionals with all kinds of expertise, as well as guiding personal development and growth. Rehan provides a platform for both!” ??

Wanna know a fun fact about Jelle? He did his first programming experience at the age of 14, creating an Arduino-based plant monitoring and watering system, because of the fear that his plants could die while he was on holiday. We are pretty sure that he won’t need any gardeners for a long time to come! ???

In the meantime, we wish Jelle all the best in his mentorship program and we look forward to the next successful steps he will take in his career! ?

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