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Know your mentee – Nour Oujjit

Let’s meet Nour Oujjit, a bright mentee who is pursuing the third year of her BSc in Computer Science at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam)!

?‍? When still in high school, Nour participated in after-school classes that taught her the basics of web development. That course sparked an interest in the field of computer science and gave her the confidence to pursue IT in higher education. In fact, she enjoys the creative, problem-solving process of software development. This motivates her to always put in the best effort in different projects! ?

Nour found a match with Job Ganzevoort in our March cohort, and now she is almost at the end of her mentorship program. In her own words, “I really enjoyed the opportunity of having someone working in the field answer my many questions. I have been able to get a clearer picture of what it is like working as a software engineer. Also, I got very helpful advice regarding confidence as a beginner in the field!” ?

We are so happy about the fruitful mentorship that Nour is having with Job and we really want to wish them all the best for their last meeting!

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