Complex Systems Engineer mentee Yves

by Hello Mentor

Know your mentee – Yves van Engelen

Today we meet Yves, an MSc student in Complex Systems Engineering and Management at TU Delft. He is starting a specialization minor in cybersecurity after the summer!

During his BSc Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis & Management, he became really interested in the topic of information security. Next to studying, he is a private tutor and teaching assistant in several courses. Furthermore, Yves loves to help others and learn from everyone. As he says, “there’s always one more thing to learn!”. ?‍?

Yves found a match with Vladyslav Cherednychenko, who shares the same excitement for information security that Yves has!

With his mentor, he hopes to develop the right skills and to understand what it means to work in the information security field with all his experience. ?

Did you know this fun fact? At the start of studying abroad in Hongkong, he found out that the first lecture was given by a Dutch professor from his own hometown! ?

Thank you Yves for sharing this interesting story and we wish you and Vladyslav all the best in their mentorship #growth, as well as to become a mentor at Hello Mentor one day as he wishes! ??

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