Mentor Bram Wiggers

by Hello Mentor

Mentor Alert – Bram Wiggers

⚠️⚠️ In this article we are introducing you to Bram Wiggers, Data Scientist at ViaConnect Group! ?

Bram is a skilled mentor with working experience as a data analyst, teaching assistant, and business developer. He worked at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Ilionx, BetaBusiness Days, and the iGEM Groningen team. Furthermore, he has experience as an entrepreneur. In fact, he is the co-founder of Studata, a company that helps businesses implement the power of AI into their business. ?️

He has a BSc in Artificial Intelligence and two MSc in Informatics and Artificial Intelligence. Also, he is very active in volunteering! ?

Bram joined Hello Mentor two months ago, and immediately found a match with his mentee Koen van der Pool in our June cohort. In Bram’s own words, “it is great to help people. Find their internal motivation and guide them to fully enjoy it.”. ?

We warmly thank Bram for his commitment to helping new generations find their way to #success, and we look forward to the goals that they will attain during their mentorship program! ?

If you are a skilled professional with an interest to nurture students’ knowledge and skills, you can become a mentor for free by applying via

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