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by Hello Mentor

Mentor Alert – Sofia Herrero Villarroya

New mentor in town! #MentorAlert ?

Let’s greet Sofia Herrero Villarroya, who joined our mentor community in the July cohort!

Sofia is a machine learning engineer with a BSc in Software engineering from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. She also holds an MSc Cum Laude in Artificial Intelligence from the Universiteit van Amsterdam. ?

Sofia works at SkinVision, researching new functionalities for Computer Vision and AI, designing experiments, and bringing new features. She has also been a machine learning engineer at Trifork. ?

At Hello Mentor, Sofia found a match with Anastasia Pirvu, a mentee transitioning from international relations to the tech environment, particularly intrigued by Sofia’s expertise and experience in AI.

We are so happy to have inspiring #women mentors like Sofia on board – and we wish all the best to her and Anastasia in their mentorship program! ?

Willing to find a cool guide for your future like Sofia? Apply now!

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