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Paving the way with your mentee

We have something special for you: an LSD journey for you and your mentee.

Yes, you read right: LSD stands for Listening, Summarizing and Digging deeper. It is easy to remember and a very effective way to understand someone and figure out what lies in their heart.

Listening: good listening is really understanding the person in front of you. Often we only aim at what someone is saying. Pay attention to the pitch, attitude, gestures, and expression. You will see and hear a lot more.

With active listening, you show your involvement to your mentee by using and interpreting verbal and non-verbal signals. Non-verbal signs could be holding eye contact, nodding and responsive facial expressions. Using small interjections as well, like: “hmm”, “really”, “I see” will help tremendously with the effectiveness of your communication. These active listening skills serve two purposes: showing you are following the conversation and stimulating them to go on.

Summarize: understanding someone clearly can be difficult. Every speaker expresses themselves in a unique way, as much as every listener might understand messages differently, based on their own assumptions and background knowledge. To ensure you understand what your mentee means, summarizing and paraphrasing in your own words is crucial. Summarizing helps to:

  • Check if you understood correctly
  • Show that you are listening
  • Invite your conversation partner to tell more
  • Highlight what you discussed 

Dig deeper: digging deeper by asking questions is commonly known and used, but can still sometimes be hard. Try to notice what type of questions you regularly ask. Often, ‘yes or no’, either-or, and suggestive questions will push someone’s mind in a certain direction. Sometimes this is desired, but focusing on asking open questions will give the mentee their mental space.

Another focus should be asking follow-up questions, to dig deeper and figure out the why. This is very powerful, since it will be fundamental to your advice and the mentee’s journey.

Use this link to find more information on the LSD-tactic.

Here are this week’s career questions that might be interesting conversation starters!

 What are you most looking forward to in the next ten years?

 What do you hope to have achieved around this time next year?

 What difference do you want to make with your life, and for whom? 

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