April 11, 2023

5 Ways in Which Mentorships Boost Your Recruitment Efforts!

Attracting and retaining new talent is one of the biggest challenges you face as a recruiter these days. Newly graduated students and young professionals might be unsure about what the future may hold for them, but they have high standards and an excellent ‘bullsh*t radar’. 

Adding value across the board

They want a fulfilling job, one that adds true value to their life (other than salary) and allows them to grow into the professional they desire to be. To engage and activate this new generation you require a whole new approach. Something that’s been a real struggle for HR and recruiters alike. 

Well, we might have the solution for you. As mentoring turns out to be a very valuable tool to have in your recruitment toolbox and we have the data to show for it. 

Mentorship: a simple and successful recruitment tactic

Mentoring is a practice well-known in large corporate environments – with 71% of corporates in the US Fortune 500 offering in-house mentorship programs. Why do these successful companies use them? Because investing in leadership capability pays off in increased performance, boosted efficiency and innovation.

Need some facts? Here are five mentoring benefits you should definitely know:

  • An average 20% increase in employee retention (Wharton)
  • Enhanced job satisfaction (CNBC)
  • Quicker career progression and higher salaries (Gartner)
  • Diminished onboarding costs (Inc.com)
  • 6x increase on the return on investment on training (San Francisco University)  

The need for mentorship programs

Here in Europe, and The Netherlands specifically, mentorship programs are lesser known. Only 37% of professionals and 25% of students have a mentor (EAB) despite the proven benefits of such practice. Additionally the pandemic has left 41% of employees burned out from their work, with 22% of employees reporting having some type of concentration issues (SHRM). 

The need for structure, purpose and growth is bigger than ever before. A well-structured, inclusive and modern mentorship program could be a critical piece of that puzzle. Not only in regards to recruitment, because this is big picture stuff! Also take the well-being of workers and  healthy advancement of the company’s day-to-day activities into consideration.

A mentorship program made to last

That’s where Hello Mentor comes in. We’ve developed a mentorship program that connects professionals to graduate students. With a unique, AI driven, matchmaking engine that’s based on skills and career paths to make the perfect match. It’s incredibly easy to use and the program provides excellent guidance to both mentor and mentee to make the most of their experiences. 

We want to highlight one, almost immeasurable, success factor: connection. One of the great things about mentoring is the valuable connections it creates. Created by the people in the journey that brings long-lasting benefits – often more than expected – and they encompass both the mentor and the mentee’s growth.

I have long enjoyed mentoring, and Hello Mentor has a good, different approach to connecting mentees and mentors. Glad I am part of the journey.

Dennis Mulder, CTO at Microsoft Netherlands”

I strongly recommend Hello Mentor. I received a position at the company where my mentor works, realizing that I want to do more!

Claudia Grigoras, Software Engineer Trainee at ING

Hello Mentor empowers participants to build the career they’ve only dared to dream!

Sabine Kerssens, Data & Insights at Techleap.nl

Start making connections

From startups to big corporations and from junior to senior employees – our mentorship is suitable for all shapes and sizes. Engage employees and boost both their professional and personal growth, and start attracting and retaining that new talent.

Ready to let your company benefit from our mentoring program?

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