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Never settle. Ask for more. More insights, more knowledge, and more experiences. Look at your life, and goals, and ask yourself "How likely is it that someone has already been in a similar position?" Very, very likely. So, why wouldn't you want to get in touch with mentors and learn from their experience?

Jovan Sakovic

Mentee, Data Science at Tilburg & Eindhoven University of Technology

For me, mentoring is a way of learning to coach other people and growing towards a managerial role. It's cool to be able to learn myself and at the same time share tips and tricks that I learned along the way.

Ugnius Rimsa

Mentor, Founder of

Hello Mentor really fulfilled it's promise to me. They have helped me to connect with an amazing mentor, who could help me navigate between my many interests, and share his experience in the professional world. Now I have a much clearer vision of where I would like to end up and I've gained a trustworthy supporter in the meantime. It even got me closer to having my first internship in the Netherlands!

Balázs Borsos

Mentee, Artificial Intelligence at VU Amsterdam

Besides hiring, Hello Mentor allows us to get really deep down into somebody's ambition, values and potential contribution. More so than in regular recruitment procedures.

Martijn Sanders

Recruitment Lead at Itility

Hello Mentor brought me an exceptionally inspiring mentor, and a long lasting connection to the Women in Tech network. Hello Mentor empowers participants to build the career they've only dared to dream about, and after this experience the future looks bright!

Sabine Kerssens

Mentee, Data Analyst

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Software Development

Design, develop, and maintain computer and network software or specialized utility programs.


Utilize and analyze large amounts of data to develop and implement artificial intelligence technologies.


Provide expert advice and recommendations to businesses and organizations in various industries.


Apply scientific and mathematical principles to design, develop, and test new technologies and systems.


Design and create user interfaces and experiences for digital products and services.

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