Schiphol, NS, Arcadis, BAM

In this traineeship program, you'll have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the "backstage" of our organization. Positions range from planner, maintenance engineer, manager to draftsman. If you're curious and unsure of which direction to take post-graduation, we'll help you discover your strengths and passions.

€ 3500
What to Expect

Develop job-specific technical skills through structured learning.

Career Paths

Planner, Maintenance engineer, Project Management Officer, B&O, Risk manager, Process manager, Environmental manager‍


Recent graduates at HBO level (like technical business administration, electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering), Affinity for technology is welcome, We're looking for trainees who adapt easily, communicate effectively, are flexible, see opportunities, are proactive, and enjoy teamwork.‍

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Open Traineeships

Interested in the energy transition, sustainability, and real estate? Ready to contribute and make a genuine impact rather than just producing reports? This is your opportunity to truly make a difference with this sustainability traineeship.


This one-year IT traineeship program is designed to cultivate your skills into one of a confident young professional with substantial knowledge in both personal and professional areas.


A one-year program designed to convert tech enthusiasts into proficient low-code developers, with a strong focus on both technical skills and personal growth.


Interested in tackling various engineering projects in different teams within one year? Keen to deepen your technical knowledge on large project sites? Eager to discover your passion and develop accordingly? If so, we are looking for you!