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Hello Mentor supports Universities in guiding tech students through career possibilities, gaining confidence and developing the right set of skills to successfully kick off their future!

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Benefits for Universities

Increase student’s satisfaction and NSE scores

Increase students’ inspiration and give them guidance

Increase student’s Career and Services

How we bridge the gap?

Students are at the heart of our program.

Mentorship Program

A flexible and ongoing 4-months program with at least six 1-to-1 meetings

Community Learning Events

Hosted by our partner companies to explore their culture and job possibilities


Deep-tech webinars to keep your students updated on latest tech topics.

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Hello Mentor’s matchmaking process is based on 6 scientifically-proven themes that establishes the most successful mentorship

Skills Development

Do you want to develop certain skills that’s needed for your future career?

Study and Work Exploration

Explore your study options and see what opportunities are inline with your experience?

Professional Development

Do you want to develop professional skills like building your CV, job interviews and more?

Career Management

Do you know where you want to go and need some help in finding the right route?

Motivation Reflection

Do you have a hard time figuring out what you like and what motivates you?


Do you want to meet new people and develop a network of peers and like-minded new friends?

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